Monday, 23 January 2017


I can't think of a title to this one. Also, this is not a poem like the earlier ones.
So here I am, at 1 am,  listening to a song about unconditional support that a mother provides to her child no matter what the situation is.
Until now, among all the songs that I've heard, there are only 2 songs that have the ability to bring tears to my eyes. And it has happened not only the first time but every single time I listen to them.
As an adult it becomes very rare of us to seek help from our parents but somewhere the kid inside us still wants to live under that loving shelter of our mother and father and if you're vocal about it or act upon it you're considered to be an immature person or you might also be thought of a person who's not doing well for himself. Just because you take certain things lightly and doesn't have the same opinion as others don't make you immature. Hypocrites everywhere, you see.
People here are pretty amazing at assuming  things and can give you a nice little lecture over it anytime and anywhere. And if you explain to them, they'll be ready to point out flaws rather than supporting and encouraging. Also they'll have a hard time accepting that a person wants to keep certain things to himself.
Since I belong to few people who wouldn't open up about their feelings easily, go through this frequently. And when sometimes we do open up, we regret it hard. Like today the same happened to me. Coz we're horrible at communicating about what we feel and at least I am pretty sure that the other person goes into an entirely different direction from which I'm pointing towards so it becomes one hell of a ride afterwards. Then at the end of it I get so tired of explaining that I just let it be. I make no efforts in making the other person understand my point.
At the end everything goes into vain.
People sometimes feel that they care for you more than you do. This might be true but mind you, in only rarest of the rare cases. But how could that be possible? The intensity of selfishness is increasing exponentially in people day by day. I fail to believe, at any point of time in my life, that anybody except your parents can care for you more than anyone else or hope well for you. Well, also few loyal friends of course.
And the reason I can say all this with utmost confidence is that I've been through the situations in which any other parent would've kicked their daughter out of their life but my parents instead invested time and effort into explaining me the difference beteeen right and wrong ( which i should've learnt on my own by the way but their patience.. Hats off!) to me and the result is a stronger relationship between me and my family. Also since I am an only child it takes me a bit longer to get hold as well as let go of things. As my friend today had put up and I quote," The recovery period for you is very long than it should be." And I totally agree.
Having said this I also believe that friends are an integral part of your life as well, if you choose them wisely that is. They play a pivotal role in shaping up your personality as well.
But the ultimate element is solitude. As they say, people ruin beautiful things. It's in solitude that you can concentrate and plan either about your career or may be earning the next date. But it's all in there.
It is one thing which cannot be ruled out if you want to get on a process of self exploration.
We must take out some time everyday and THINK.
 Think about things and people that are important to you. Include people in your life who force you to think.
 Invest your energies into things that make the wheels of your brain churning and give a solid output. And a concrete output always includes experience if not anything else.
I'd like to end this with the saying that everything happens for a reason.
Well I found the title at the end.

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